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Hi lippychicks,

I hope you are doing well.  I thought you, and all would like to see a recent photo taken with my newer, better camera.  Especially since most of my older photos weren’t very good, lol.  Take care.  ~  Claudia…..  

…..I know I said no more pix, but I saw this, and had to reblog it.  This is addicting, you know, lol.  But the interwebs will be shut off at midnight, so I really can’t post anymore pix then. 



Katie Marie
23 years old
Ok I’ve been searching for her for a long time and I finally found this little sexpot. I dont think her pictures to her justice to just how I tiny this little girl truly is. Keep that in mind when you size up her “tight” pussy. Tight lol what a laught.

A few galleries:

My favorite video is in the first gallery. Click the last video of the 3 and you tell me how “tight” you think she is haha.

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